OSU win over Louisiana 65-24

The Cowboys bounced back from last week’s loss putting up some points against  Louisiana on Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium. OSU starting quarterback left the game early due to a knee injury. This would bring in the backup quarterback J.W. Walsh. He took the Cowboys up and down the field, helping the offense to a school-record 742 yards. As always the game was fun to watch with the high powered offense we have here at OSU. You cannot take the college gameday spirit out of Stillwater.

Everyone’s concern during and after the game was not the win but about quarterback Wes Lunt. He has high hopes for the future. The injury was to the knee and he could possibly be out for 2-4 weeks. It is disapointing for the young quarterback and we hope he bounces back soon. It was another great day in Stillwater for college football.

The topic above was a blog wrote by OSU reporter Gina Mizell. I read her blog and thought she did a good job explaining the game in detail. By her putting in yard statistics I think is something every Cowboy fan likes to know. She also did a good job by interviewing the coaching staff getting insight from a great source. Overall it was a well written blog about the Cowboys win. GO POKES!



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